Biden: US President Joe Biden sanctions Russia and its elite, cutting off Western financing and access to markets

Washington: US President Joe Biden On Tuesday, Moscow cut off Western funding and imposed unspecified sanctions on the Russian elite in the first tranche of punitive measures in response to the Russian offensive. Ukraine,
Speaking at the White House, Biden said that there would be more restrictions if Russia Further moved to Ukraine, as they expected it to be. “If they go ahead, we have more sanctions ready,” he warned, adding that what Russia was doing points to a full-fledged invasion of Ukraine.
Russia-Ukraine Crisis Live Updates
Biden said Russia’s action was a gross violation of international law and called for a strong response from the US and its allies. He also alleged Putin Historical revisionism to question the very existence of Ukraine. “There is no question that Russia is the aggressor,” the US president said.

Biden also said that he had instructed US troops already in Europe to moderate movement in all three baltic Republic adjacent to Russia, saying that America does not want to go to war with Russia, but will defend every inch nato Area. He said the US would also provide Ukraine with defensive equipment.

Despite the sharp events of the past 24-48 hours, Biden expects talks with Russia, if it is serious. : “There is still time to avert the worst care scenario. If it is serious we are open to diplomacy,” he said.
Russia has said that the US and its allies have not responded seriously to its security concerns.

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