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A number of reviews claimed Lukashenko has really divulged Russia’s additional invasion plan on the map. The declare is, nonetheless, disputed. What Lukashenko stated within the assembly was Belarus is deploying extra forces on its border with Ukraine.

With specialists opining that Vladimir Putin’s offensive won’t cease at Ukraine, a purported picture of Belarus President Alexandar Lukashenko pointing in direction of a map of Ukraine goes viral with a number of reviews claiming that Putin’s aide Lukashenko ‘by mistake’ displayed the invasion map revealing the areas which can come underneath assault within the coming few days. A report of Every day Mail additionally claimed that the map confirmed Odessa in Moldova, Ukraine’s neighbouring nation, elevating apprehension that Russian troops could invade Moldova additionally.

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This is all we have to know concerning the viral declare

Lukashenko, a detailed ally of Vladimir Putin, was addressing his safety council on Tuesday.

Belarus is deploying extra forces on its border with Ukraine, Lukashenko stated within the assembly. “Those are well trained rapid deployment groups which are ready to stop any provocation and any military action against Belarus,” Lukashenko stated.


Media channel Nexta stated Lukashenko was standing in opposition to the background of a map with unusual arrows directed to the territory of Ukraine. “Lukashenko said those who died during the war in Ukraine are fake,” Nexta claimed.

Many on social media disputed the claims of reviews that the map reveals Russia can be invading Moldova and stated the arrow is pointed in the other way,

Earlier, Lukashenko stated his army was not participating within the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

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