How to complete FUT 13 SBC in FUT 22

FIFA 22 Ultimate Team FUT Anniversary Promo is in full swing. It features the second single-task SBC that celebrates the anniversary of Ultimate Team mode in FIFA 13.

The FUT Birthday promo features special cards with 5* weak foot or 5* skill moves. So far, maps with 5* weak foot have been revealed through team one SBCs and player items. Upgrades are permanent, meaning players can enjoy items with significant stat boosts.

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Team 1 cards are now available in packs, but their chances are quite low. Players can focus on opening as many packs as possible. Most packs are applicable to contain a possible FUT Birthday Card. There might be a chance for a player to find one if they are lucky.

FUT 13 SBC Tasks, Cost and Review in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team

SBC task

Masses: 4 minimum

Same number of leagues: Max 4

Number of the same nation: Min 3

Uncommon: Min 9

Team Ranking: Min 80

Team Chemistry: Min 90

# of players in the Squad: 10

FUT 13 SBC has a cost of 9,000 to 11,000 FUT coins depending on the players platform. Using forage can further reduce the cost. Given the restrictions of the task, there is good leeway and freedom to use additional forage.

FUT 13 SBC is live in-game for three days, so players should hurry before it expires. It is also a non-repeatable SBC, meaning players will be able to complete it at most once.

FUT 13 SBC Review in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team

Upon completion, players will receive a Jumbo Premium Gold Players Pack. The chances of breaking even with this reward are high due to the number of cards that can be obtained.

This SBC can also be completed entirely with fodder, making the rewards more valuable. As a bonus, there is also a FUT Birthday Swaps token. This token can be used later in exchanges for different prizes.

If players earn enough tokens, they can even get a FUT Birthday Card from the list. Hence, giving two good reasons to complete FUT 13 SBC in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.

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