Bosse returns to fight against Ouken, Miranjo’s deal with the Devil exposed

With only three episodes remaining, fans have been waiting Ranking Osama episode 20 to further expose Miranjo’s past and Bosse’s secrets. However, the episode focused on the ongoing fight between Ouken and everyone else, and brought Bosse to the fore, as was hinted in the preview.

While parts of Miranjo’s relationship with the red-skinned person have come to light, Ranking Osama Episode 20 raised more questions than it answered.

Ousama Ranking Episode 20 Focuses On Miranjo’s Regrets, Bosse’s Motivations Remain Unclear

In the last episode, Miranjo stopped Kage from leaving for the afterlife and confronted her and Bojji’s mothers. Her good deed and Daida’s kindness to her child-self freed the remnant that was trapped in Bosse’s memory, but before she left, she assured Daida that someone would come to save him soon. The Big Four fought Ouken but failed to subdue him.

Ranking Osama Episode 20 is titled Immortal vs. Invincible.

The clash of Miranjo

#RankingofKings/#OusamaRanking Ep 20 SpoilersBojji was able to see his mother, but unfortunately she didn’t see him. Bojji’s mom feels like such a cool mom. We got more stories about Miranjo and learned that the demon had moved his soul to the mirror and when he died he would devour his soul.

Ranking Osama episode 20 begins in the land on the border of life and death, where Miranjo meets his mother and the first queen of Bosse. Bojji remembers his mother and tries to call her, but fails.

His mother condemns Miranjo for everything she has done, but reveals that she doesn’t blame him, as the queen believes in:

“Hate the sin, not the sinner.”

The queen tells Miranjo that her son, Bojji, is strong and will be the one to defeat her. She also guesses correctly that Miranjo can’t cross, because she can’t die anymore. It is revealed that Miranjo served the red-skinned person, who was a demon and his childhood companion.

Miranjo promised him something, but betrayed him twice. After the second time, the demon, now a gigantic figure, trapped his soul in the mirror. He also warned her that once she died, he would devour her soul, thereby denying her an afterlife.

The identity of Miranjo

Looking forward to hearing more about how Miranjo betrayed the demon twice. I wonder if we will delve into the demon and gods they talked about in the future. I pity Miranjo. Bosse came and he’s so hard on Bojji and the others even though he was going to heal them 😅#OusamaRanking

Miranjo is hurt when her mother tries to tell her to live a different life. She is unleashed with her magic that brings everyone back to the land of the living. By the way, Miranjo realizes that she started to become apathetic towards people when Bosse started using others for her benefit.

As she breaks down, Despa shares his memories of Miranjo’s past with Bojji and allows him to make his own decision about her. Bojji is empathetic and sheds tears for the woman, and Despa realizes he won’t be able to kill her. However, he seems to have come to terms with this result.

But now that she’s giving hints of realization, born from meeting her mother, as well as Bojji and Kage’s determination to go further, and then after being softened and caressed into the void by Daida, it’s possible that things take a turn.

Daida sees Miranjo’s memory of Bosse’s passing and his determination to use it to revive the king. Daida understands that the child he helped was the same person in the mirror who condemned him. He is visibly moved at the making, thinking he always wanted to know what kind of person his “Kagami (Mirror)” was.

The fight with Ouken

Ranking Osama episode 20 then returns to the fight with Ouken, where the Big Four separated his body parts. But the latter gathers and puts them all out of harm’s way. Hokuro tries to hit him with his crossbow, but Ouken stabs him as well.

Despa, Bojji and Kage return to the land of the living, but risk dying from a hemorrhage. Despa asks Kage to go to the Commander of the Knights, who knows how to stop the bleeding. However, Ouken also stabs him before Kage can reach him.

I always thought that Daida might have inherited Queen Hiling’s healing powers and would use them someday when the situation was dire, thus redeeming him to be a very sympathetic character instead of “that brat” . But yes, everyone is all cured 🙂 #RankingOfKings

Bojji gets up to fight, despite being in no condition to do so, but is interrupted by Bosse. The king hits Bojji with his club and berates his men for losing, but then heals them using the magic Daida inherited from Hiling. This takes half of his energy, giving him a new appreciation for Hiling’s power.

Bump against Ouken

Bosse then faces Ouken and is unable to counter his immortality at first. However, he soon has an idea. He first uproots a boulder, which is nearly impossible for anyone but him to break. He then crushes Ouken into a small ball and places it in a hole in the rock, immediately filling it with similar rocks.

Ousama Ranking Ep 20. What Miranjo did will not be forgiven, but there is definitely room for sympathy. Bosse’s strength is overwhelming, but I don’t know what he thinks…at least he seems to think he has to fight Bojji.#OusamaRanking

This prevents Ouken from returning to normal size, and his cries of agony greatly disturb Despa. The latter has always maintained that Bosse is the real mastermind behind everything that happened and, therefore, he cannot be trusted.

Ranking Osama Episode 20 ends with Bojji challenging his father to a duel, ignoring both Despa’s and Kage’s warnings.

Final Thoughts

Miranjo’s full past is still hidden from us. We only have 3 episodes left. I can’t begin to imagine how they will conclude the Ousama #20 ranking

A considerable part of the secrets of Miranjo and Bosse remain undisclosed. With just three more episodes to go, the show will need to pick up the pace if it wants to wrap up every dangling thread.

However, Ranking Osama Episode 20 was already moving at breakneck speed, so any faster would make the storytelling clunky.

It seems the creators aren’t particularly interested in solving everything this season, giving viewers hope that there will be a second one. With the manga still ongoing and the series gaining popularity in the second yard, another season may well be on the horizon.

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