Operation Ganga: Sheikh Hasina thanks PM Modi for rescuing Bangladeshis from war-hit Ukraine, India News News

Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina praised her Indian counterpart on Wednesday for rescuing nine of her country’s residents from war-torn Ukraine.

Since Russia attacked Ukraine two weeks ago, India has rescued trapped individuals, especially students, from numerous other countries, including Pakistan, Nepal, and Tunisia, as part of its ‘Operation Ganga’ evacuation effort.

Earlier in the day, ANI posted a video of a Pakistani student thanking the Indian government for removing her from the conflict-torn country. 

According to ANI, the girl, Asma Shafique, was rescued by Indian officials and is currently on her way to western Ukraine, according to reports.

According to the reports, she will be reunited with her family soon.

The girl can be heard in the video thanking the Indian consulate in Kyiv as well as Modi for his help. 

“I want to thank the Indian embassy in Kyiv for supporting us all the way here as we were stuck in a very difficult situation, and I also want to thank the Prime Minister of India for supporting us. I hope we get home safely because of the Indian embassy,” she said.


On Sunday, Indian PM Modi said that “the fact that India was able to evacuate its citizens during the war in Ukraine demonstrates the country’s growing global significance,”. 

“You have seen how, under Operation Ganga, India is bringing its citizens safely out of the war zone. Many big countries are facing difficulties in doing so. But it is due to India’s increasing influence that we have brought thousands of students back to their motherland,” Modi said

(With inputs from agencies)

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