How 3-striped Indian Squirrel landed in Scotland after 3-week voyage


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New Delhi, Sep 03: An Indian squirrel travelled 1000s of miles on a ship and landed in Scotland. It’s now within the care of animal rescuers who’re searching for a brand new house for the tree-dwelling rodent.

How 3-striped Indian Squirrel landed in Scotland after 3-week voyage

The squirrel travelled about three weeks on the vessel and was discovered just a few days in the past after the ship docked in Aberdeen. “They looked after him and were feeding him grapes to keep him well after they took him into custody,” New York Put up quoted Keith Marley, of New ARC, as saying.

New Arc Wildlife Hospital, North East Wildlife & Animal Rescue Centre, posted an image of the squirrel, and wrote, “Yesterday evening we received a call from Clara and Natasha, who work for Pest Solutions in Aberdeen. They were on their way to Clipper Quay to pick up a squirrel which had been discovered on a boat arriving from India and wondered if we would be prepared to take him in. Naturally the answer was yes and an hour or so later they arrived with the squirrel safely secured in a pet carrier,” learn the caption.

“Now, we have to admit that our knowledge of Indian Squirrels is hardly encyclopedic so we had used the time between the call and his arrival in quickly swotting up on the likely arrival. India has over 40 different species of squirrel ranging from ground squirrels to giant flying squirrels. However, we decided to arrange accommodation for the most likely species which was one of the ‘banded Squirrels’,” the submit said.

The animal shelter mentioned that it was a ‘Palm Squirrel’ or ‘3-striped Squirrel’, one of many commoner Indian Squirrels and described it a really “fit and active and faster than a speeding bullet earning him the name ‘Zippy’.” The situation of the squirrel is sweet and consuming nicely. “Although stressed originally and having survived his 3 week ocean trip from India in reasonably good condition, Zippy has now settled down and is already eating well. The task of finding him a specialist, permanent home, has now begun.

According to Marley, the squirrel is unlikely to ship back to India.

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